Total Waste

Healthcare waste isn’t ‘just waste’ – it varies from the simplest garbage to the most toxic and most confidential waste.

We have found the service to be very good... I have found their response time to inquiries to be excellent.
Shawn Malloy
Sacred Heart Hospital, USA, Director, Environmental Services
The relevant regulatory requirements vary significantly and are constantly changing.

While general waste removalists struggle to keep abreast of these changes,
our healthcare specialization ensures that our team is always up-to-date with
current regulations, helping to minimize your liability risk.

Working with Daniels for all your healthcare waste requirements makes both logical and economic sense.

A single point of call for assistance and advice for all waste streams, combined
with consolidated billing, helps to significantly reduce the administrative burden
of dealing with multiple suppliers. And it makes budgeting a whole lot easier too!

We deliver a total waste solution for healthcare facilities because we understand
the needs of the healthcare industry – inside and out. When you partner with
Daniels, you’re guaranteed to get a tailored and cost effective ‘healthcare’ waste
service – not just a general business service in healthcare wrapping.

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