Medical waste services

More healthcare facilities are choosing Daniels for customer-focused and cost-effective Regulated Medical Waste (RMW) services.

There are stringent regulations, often with heavy penalties, governing the collection, transport and disposal of medical waste. In most cases, the generator of the waste is responsible for the waste right through to its final, safe disposal.

Daniels has the experience and expertise to help protect you from risk. We work with you to ensure your regulatory responsibilities are covered, while also helping you to maximize the efficiency of your related waste streams.

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Regulated Medical Waste brochureDouble-sided brochure outlining Daniels' regulated medical waste services.
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Safesmart brochureBrochure detailing the Safesmart medical waste service tailored for private practices, vets, dentists etc.
Type: pdf | Size: 302.17 KB
Small to medium sized healthcare facilities brochureDouble-sided brochure outlining Daniels' reliable and cost effective medical waste removal & sharps service that is ideal for small to medium sized healthcare facilities.
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