The smarter, reusable way to manage trace chemotherapy waste.

Daniels’ revolutionary, reusable systems for trace chemotherapy waste set new standards in infection control, environmental effectiveness and logistical cost savings, and of course, they are fully compliant.

Reusable and eco-friendly

As these systems are reusable, plastic bags are not required in most States, reducing cost and environmental impact. And the eco-friendly Washsmart process uses a fully automated wash system, recycling water to minimize environmental impact.

Clear labeling and easily identifiable design encourages better waste segregation, resulting in fewer container exchanges.

Cost effective

The clinical appearance, distinct color-coding and clear labeling discourages general waste disposal – so you don’t pay waste disposal premiums for general waste.

In addition, workload on environmental services staff is reduced thanks to compact design, ease of transportability and the ability to locate containers more effectively at point of waste generation.


Chemosmart Trace Chemotherapy Waste BrochureDouble-sided brochure outlining features and benefits of Daniels reusable Chemosmart containers for trace chemotherapy waste.
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