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S2 single-use sharps container

For areas where compact or portable sharps containers are required such as community nursing and phlebotomy.

Consistent with Daniels' focus on safety, the S2 container is designed and certified to significantly exceed penetration requirements for all applicable international Standards.

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Product code:
1101003000 Fill Capacity
1¼ Quarts

Designed to provide safer transfer of scalpels and other sharps between members of the scrub team in Operating Rooms.

Available in sterile packaging or non-sterile version.

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L 240mm x W 115mm x D 50mm
S2 bracket

Can be attached to both vertical and horizontal surfaces to provide stable mounting of the S2 container.

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Sturdy steel cabinet for S2 container where secure containment is essential in public areas. Robust locking mechanism and hidden fastening holes add to the unit's security.

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Fill Capacity
1.2 litres

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