Sharpsmart Reusable Container System

The world's safest and most environmentally responsible Sharps Management System

Peer reviewed and documented in numerous publications globally, the Sharpsmart system has proven greater reduction in sharps injuries than any other sharps containment system in the world.

With over 5 years of research invested into its design and engineering, the Sharpsmart container is manufactured to precise tolerances to ensure that all safety mechanisms are functional on each and every container. In its design and proven studies the Sharpsmart is more than just a sharps container, it is an engineered safety device which eliminates risk of container-related sharps injury and minimises the impact on our environment.

Pharmasmart reusable containers for pharmaceutical waste are fully compatible with all Sharpsmart accessories and logistics solutions. Pharmasmart containers provide peace-of-mind security for the safe and effective management of pharmaceutical waste.

S32 Regular Pharmasmart

Designed for collection of larger quantities of expired and residual pharmaceuticals that require controlled disposal.

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Product code:
1001307504 Fill Capacity
28 Quarts
H 24” x W15½” x D8¼”

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