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I would most definitely recommend the Daniels Sharpsmart to all institutions.

Mrs C van Eyck
Quality Assurance Manager, Elizabeth Donkin Hospital, South Africa

Daniels Sharpsmart was explained / promoted to the Nursing Staff of Elizabeth Donkin Hospital. They are in agreement that we strongly recommend this product since it is safe, minimizes needle prick injuries and is compact.

Ms L Scriven
Elizabeth Donkin Hospital, South Africa, Acting Nursing Manager

Compass Waste Services introduced me to the Daniels Sharpsmart system and it is such a pleasure working with new and safer technology. The Sharpsmart reusable sharps container is also environmentally friendly, this fits in well with our company’s vision.

Thiloshini Govender
Hillcrest Private Hospital, South Africa, Infection Control

There is no exposure to sharps like with the previous systems used. The efficacy of the system is evident in the reduction of needle stick injuries to 0% since installation at Durdoc Hospital. I highly recommend the use of the Daniels containers and the use of any other system is unimaginable, especially due to the various types of infections health care workers are exposed to.

Mrs. F Alli
Durdoc Hospital, South Africa, Nursing Service Manager

We are currently using Daniels sharps containers in all our departments. I, as the infection control sister at La Verna, have not experienced any problems with the containers provided and I am assured of the safety of all my staff and others, through the correct use of these containers.

Sr Jonker
La Verna Hospital, South Africa, Infection Control Sister

The Daniels Sharpsmart reusable sharps container is the safest sharps container utilised by SANBS and we have had no penetration incidents related to these containers.

Gerrie Schoeman
South African National Blood Service, Safety, Health and Environment Head

The Sharpsmart system is not only safe, but it helped the trust save money too. I was very impressed with the support from Sharpsmart, they managed the entire install from start to finish and continue to train new staff when required.

Michael Larking
The Walton Centre, UK, (formerly The Walton Centre for Neurology and Neurosurgery, Liverpool), e-Procurement manager

Their drivers are courteous and it is obvious they are trained and knowledgeable in their field. The representatives we have had the pleasure of working with, are also knowledgeable and have been of great help to us.

Mackenzie Friend HT (ASCP)
Mid America Pathology Laboratory, Safety Officer

We had used a local competitor for many years before switching to Daniels Sharpsmart, our only regret is that we did not change sooner. I would recommend them to any medical facility looking for medical waste removal.

Mackenzie Friend HT (ASCP)
Mid America Pathology Laboratory, Safety Officer