Sharpsmart Reusable Container System

Safe and environmentally responsible sharps management.

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Hospital-based Medical Waste Services

Customer-focused, cost-effective & trusted waste services.

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Pharmaceutical and RCRA Waste Removal

Hazardous waste management you can depend on.

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Chemosmart Sharps and Waste Solutions

The smarter way to manage trace chemotherapy waste

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Private Practices and Small / Medium Facilities

Medical waste and services tailored for private practices.

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Total Waste

Full-service solutions for all healthcare waste.

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Better for the environment

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Daniels' Sharpsmart system can help you to reduce your environmental impact...

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Making healthcare safer

Daniels aims to make healthcare safer primarily through the safe management and disposal of sharps, regulated medical waste, pharmaceutical and RCRA waste.

Daniels’ focus on reduction of sharps and needlestick injuries, has resulted in a unique system of reusable sharps containers (also known as needle boxes or sharps bins) to collect sharps such as used syringes and needles, scalpels etc. This system has been shown in clinical studies to reduce sharps injuries.

Daniels also aims to use sustainable environmental products and services in order to help reduce its own and its customers’ carbon footprint.


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Daniels videos

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Sharpsmart video (US)

Video outlining the features & benefits and usage instructions for the Sharpsmart sharps management system.